Licenses & Certifications

A unique team of highly skilled, cross-trained technicians

Nason Mechanical Systems maintains a workforce of 34 field technicians. Unique in our industry, our workforce is comprised of a single pool of trained technicians from which all projects are staffed. The Company maintains an aggressive, on-going commitment to training and skills improvement. All field employees are exposed to regular on-site training sessions in our own training facility as well as off-site manufacturer-sponsored training programs. As evidence of our commitment to training, our field staff possesses over 200 professional licenses and/or certifications amongst them.

Licenses and certifications held by our employees include:

  • Maine Oil license
  • Maine Solid Fuel license
  • Maine Plumbing license
  • Federal Refrigerant Usage Certificate
  • Maine Propane and Natural Gas Certificate
  • Maine Stationary Boiler Engineer’s license
  • Maine High Pressure Boiler Operator’s license
  • Medical Gas Technician Certificate
  • Backflow Preventer Certificate
  • Professional Engineering license
  • OSHA 10-hr Certificate