Design/Build Focus

Specializing in Design/Build project delivery

Nason Mechanical Systems’ Design/Build project delivery provides clients with a single point of contact from project concept to completion. This prevents miscommunications, streamlines the process and increases efficiencies.

Unlike traditional plan & spec approaches, our Design/Build delivery process allows projects to progress on a number of fronts at the same time. Construction can start before design is completed, because the major trades are pre-selected there is no time spent in the bidding process. These features allow a project to unfold in a highly compressed manner, thereby reducing costs. More importantly, except for a major scope change, there are no change orders, a significant savings over plan and spec projects that are often plagued with change orders. Most important of all, in the event of problems in design, installation or performance, there is no argument about who is responsible. There is only one entity to deal with: the Design/Build contractor.

Design/Build project delivery gives our clients the benefits of compressed timelines and cost savings, often due to the elimination of change orders. The result: The outcome clients want, delivered faster and at a lower final cost than traditional plan and spec construction.