Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Common sense, cost effective energy conservation

Nason Mechanical Systems works with clients to provide cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption. We began integrating energy conservation approaches into our designs and recommendations long before it was fashionable or financially necessary. Our in-house team of LEED-accredited engineers continues to be fueled by this passion.

At Nason Mechanical Systems we believe that energy conservation should work within your budget and, to that end, our energy efficiency recommendations tend to be conservative. Whether we are designing a new building or developing specifications for the replacement of existing equipment, the equipment and systems we recommend are those that have a proven track record and those that will recover your investment within the shortest period of time.

We service what we install, so we install only what we know will be right for your project and your conservation objectives. We are highly adept at integrating everything from simple, common-sense features to state-of-the art energy-saving equipment. Our approach is to start simple, prioritizing what you need to achieve the energy goals you desire.

We provide financial models to illustrate the impact of equipment choices and modifications, and develop analyses of first-cost and life-cycle cost for equipment. This facilitates decision-making by demonstrating real cost efficiencies and allowing you to compare the cost/benefit ratios of different interventions.

Nason Mechanical Systems also provides energy audits to help you identify and quantify opportunities for savings. As an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner, we will work to maximize your energy savings incentives.