Licenses & Certifications

A unique team of highly skilled, cross-trained technicians

Nason Mechanical Systems maintains a workforce of 27 field technicians. Unique in our industry, our workforce is comprised of a single pool of trained technicians from which all projects are staffed. The Company maintains an aggressive, on-going commitment to training and skills improvement. All field employees are exposed to regular on-site training sessions in our own training facility as well as off-site manufacturer-sponsored training programs. As evidence of our commitment to training, our field staff possesses over 130 professional licenses and/or certifications amongst them.

Licenses and certifications held by Nason Mechanical Systems’ field technicians include:

  • Maine Oil license
  • Maine Solid Fuel license
  • Maine Plumbing license
  • Federal Refrigerant Usage Certificate
  • Maine Propane and Natural Gas Certificate
  • Maine Stationary Boiler Engineer’s license
  • Maine High Pressure Boiler Operator’s license
  • Medical Gas Technician Certificate
  • Backflow Preventer Certificate

We stress collaboration, communication and flexibility among our field technicians which, in addition to skills development, has enabled us to develop the most dedicated, efficient and productive workforce in our market. We are committed to the belief that our clients are best served by hiring and maintaining the best workforce available. Our commitment to training has enabled us to both attract and retain the best in our industry.